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"My wife, Diane had never experienced having a pet.  After several years of asking for a dog, I  decided not to push the issue.

One day a couple years ago, she mentioned we had an appointment on the coming Sunday.   On Saturday I asked her, “Where are we going tomorrow afternoon?”  She said we had an appointment to look at some dogs.  I almost fell out of my chair.

A couple trips to the humane society and we rescued the most incredible doggie, our little Shih Tzu named DAK.  

The rest is history. 

He became a loving member of our family.

"We love you “DAK, DAKIE, DAKSTER” and you have changed our lives forever."

For the complete story of Dak and The Goldberg's and family friend Cissi Sherlock click here for the PetPals TV feature with Patti Spitler.

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We are committed to “giving back” in honor of DAK, the beloved member of our family who was rescued from the local Humane Society AND who has changed our lives in so many ways.   

DAK-ISMS books are used as fundraisers for various charities including local humane societies and pet rescue organizations.   

Companies and individuals can use co-branded DAK-ISMS books as a FUN way to raise money for their favorite causes.

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DAK-isms, Quote from a dogs viewpoint

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